Our Product Lines ...

A repeatable and robust electronic assembly process is launched with a foundation of excellent bare board manufacturing and design, rock solid provider of stencils, and innovative consistent soldering process materials to match.

The PCB Assembly Process:

  • Precision High MTTF Assembly Printers
  • SPI, Solder Paste Inspection
  • Dispensing Glue/Solder Paste
  • SMD/Odd Form Placement
  • Intuitive ease of program AOI Inspection (post or pre-reflow)
  • Convection or Vapor Phase Reflow
  • Ultra effective Batch or Inline Cleaners
  • High Resolution Penetrating X-Ray
  • Micron Accuracy Flexible Flying Probers or Bed of Nail ICT systems!
  • Conformal Coating

Should initial inspection and test not meet your company requirements, KWA offers non-destructive Rework and Repair equipment and industry accepted procedures. All manufacturing solutions provided by One True Turn-Key Supplier … Kurt Whitlock Associates and Principals!

In the specialized Semiconductor sector, KWA has aligned with ASM Pacific, the world's #1 provider of flip chip/gold aluminum bonders, die attach, trimmers, laser marking, transfer molding, curing, and test assembly systems.

Product Line Suppliers


AccuAssembly / Dr. Storage - Dry Cabinets that Offer Built-in Data Collection Capabilities and Optional Data Networks for Collecting Cabinet Data
Airvac Air Vac Engineering - High Precision, Low Volume Micro Assembly, Dispensing & Prototyping. Automatic and Manual Rework and Repair

Alpha - Tin Lead / Lead Free Bar Solder, Wire Solder, Solder Paste, Flux, Cleaning, Chemicals, Solder Performs, Solder Reclaim Materials
  Alpha Circuit Corp - Bare PCB Manufacture, Standard Rigid Builds, Flex & Rigid Flex
  Apollo Seiko - Automated Robotic Soldering Equipment & Laser Soldering Robot
1 ASM Assembly Systems - Medium / High Volume SMD Chip Shooters / Flexible Pick and Place Systems
ASM Pacific Technology - World's No.1 Semiconductor and LED Assembly and Packaging Equipment Supplier. Map / Die Sorting, Die Bonding, Curing, Dispensing / Phosphorus Jetting, Silicone Liquid Molding, Lens Attach, Trim Attach, Trim & Form, Package Sorting
Delta Regis - Variable Torque Controlled Electric Screwdrivers and Measurement
Electroprep - Component Prep Equipment, Pallets and Tooling
Essemtec - Prototype, Low Volume / Hi Mix SMD Pick & Place Systems, Stencil Printers, Batch / Inline Reflow Ovens and SMD Environmentally Controlled Component Storage Towers
  Fancort - Bench top Assembly Fixtures and PCB Handling Systems
IBL / R&D - Batch and Inline Vapor Phase Reflow Systems
  JNJ Industries - MPM Stencil Wiper Paper and Chemical Wipes
MicroCare -  A Leader in the High-Speed, High-Performance World of Cleaning, Coating and Lubricating
  Nordson Dage - Ultimate Fine Feature, High Resolution, Flat Panel Batch and Inline 2-D and 3-D X-Ray Inspection Systems

  Nordson Yestech - Pre and Post Reflow / Conformal Coat Automated Optical Inspection


Optical Control - The OC-SCAN®CCX.3 considerably simplifies the electronic manufacturing work and gives an exact overview of single component stocks.
  O.C. White Co. - High Precision Microscopes, Illuminated Maglites and Task lighting

  PACE - Soldering Irons, Rework Systems for the repair of SMD's & PCB's, Fume X-Traction Systems
Pemtron - In-Line and Bench top 3-D Solder Paste Inspection Systems
Production Basics - Economic, Versatile Workstations and Benches
REsys - Innovative Water Management Treatment Solutions
Hanwha - Medium Volume/Flexible SMD Pick and Place Equipment
Saturn Electronics - Hi Quality Bare PCB Manufacturer, TS16949 Certification, 3 Mil-Spacing Capability to 12 Layers
Schunk - Automated Inline and Batch Depaneling Systems
Simplimatic Automation - PCB Handling Conveyors, Laser Marking & Robotic Assembly Cells
South-Tek Systems - Designer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Gas Generators
SPEA - Flying Probe and Bed of Nails In Circuit Test Systems

StaticWorx - ESD Tile Flooring, Rubber, Vinal, Epoxy Coatings and Maintenance Products

ITW EAE  - Vitronics Soltec, ELECTROVERT, MPM, CAMALOT, Wavesolders, Reflow Ovens, Selective Solder,  Screen Printers, Aqueous Cleaners, Liquid Dispensers and Underfill Systems

       StenTech - Stencils, Pallets and Templates for SMT Process Firms and PCB Assemblers
    TTnS  - High Quality, Blemish, Bubble Free and Energy Efficient Conformal Coating and Curing Solutions

Vision Engineering - A World Leading Manufacture of Ergonomic Stereo Microscopes and Non-Contact Measuring Systems.

  "I was given $1mm by ownership and challenged to bring manufacturing in house for a computer peripherals company. In 6 months the first KWA SMT Line was installed and operational. Within 3 years we had 7 duplicate lines producing 300,000 modems per month with annual sales of $150mm. Whitlock Associates was instrumental in aiding in the designing, engineering, and equipment selection for this successful operation. Kurt and his staff, vendors and contacts helped make this an extremely efficient operation reducing cost significantly"!

Garey Boggs
V.P. Manufacturing
Boca Research

  "Our mission was to accomplish this move with "zero" impact in our manufacturing operations. With Kurt Whitlock's help and support we are proud to announce that we have achieved our goal and made an impressive transition to our new facility without suffering any lost production time"

  "Kurt Whitlock and Whitlock Associates have been integral to the success of Hallmark technologies CEM program. They have done far more than simply sell us equipment"

-Gary S. with Hallmark Technologies
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