In the world's global electronics manufacturing market, few equipment and materials companies have excelled to industry gold standards. These industry leading companies are known for 3 main dominant traits:

  • Superior innovative electronic assembly technology

  • Unending commitment to research and development

  • A firm allegiance to providing worldwide technical service and support

Since 1978, Kurt Whitlock Associates has searched the world for cutting edge companies to Represent and Distribute to our valued electronics assembly customers and potential markets.

Be assured that Kurt Whitlock Associates understands the tiers of assembly requirements of our customers. Our array of companies provide unmatched solutions to meet high volume, high mix, and mid to low volume requirements with the same level of service and technical support!

Please Tour our New Kurt Whitlock Associates Web Site previewing "Our World Leading State of The Art Production Solutions" that have been used over the past 38 years by Florida's Highest Technology Electronics Manufacturers!

  • Zestron
  • Anda Technologies

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